1) A Survey on Odia Handwritten Character Recognition.
Author: Dhabal Prasad Sethi, Paper ID: IJARTES-V1-I2-001
Subject: Computer Science & Engineering.    Download

2) Analysis of Power Density in LTE Femtocells.
Author: Inderjit Sharma, Ritu Gupta, Paper ID: IJARTES-V1-I2-004
Subject: Computer Science & Engineering.    Download

3) Surface Reconstruction Using Cloud Points.
Author: Isha, Ashok Kumar, Paper ID: IJARTES-V1-I2 -005
Subject: Electronics & Communication Engineering.   Download

4) Enhanced DSR Protocol to Nullify DDoS Attack in MANET.
Author: Avnish Kumar, Rakesh Sharma, Paper ID: IJARTES-V1-I2-007
Subject: Computer Science & Engineering.   Download

5) Comparison of Different Clustering Algorithms using WEKA Tool
Author: Priya Kakkar, Anshu Parasha, Paper ID: IJARTES-V1-I2-006
Subject: Computer Science &Engineering.   Download

6) Non Uniform Background Illumination Removal (NUBIR) from Microscopic Images
Author: Monika Sharma, Ashok Kumar,   Paper ID: IJARTES-V1-I2-008
Subject: Electronics & Communication EnggDownload

7) Higher Order Mutant Generation to Decrease the Cost of Mutation Testing
Author:Sudhir Kumar Mohapatra, Manoranjan Pradhan,   Paper ID: IJARTES-V1-I2-009
Subject: Computer Science &Engineering.  Download