1) Effect of Welding Current, Arc Voltage and Gas Flow Rate on Depth of Penetration during MIG Welding of AA2014 Plate

Author:R.Sakthivel,P.Venkadeshwaran, R.Sridevi, R.Ahamed Meeran, K.Chandrasekaran

Subject: Mechanical Engineering          download


2) Stress Analysis on Spur Gear and Durability Study by FEA

Author: V.Thirumalairaj, K.Chandrasekaran, R.Ahamed Meeran, R.Radhakrishnan,


Subject:Mechanical Engineering              downlaod


3) Influence of Process Parameters on AA7075 in TIG Welding

 Author:M.Nagaaravindaraj, J.Ragavan, B.Muthuselvam, K.Chandarasekaran

Subject:Mechanical Engineering           download


 4) Power Generation from Speed Breaker Using Crank Shaft

  Author:M.Prasath, R.Sankar, T.Dharshan, R.Nagaraja, P.Dheenathayalan

  Subject:Mechanical Engineering     download


5)Integrated Air Conditioning Unit for Automobiles

Author:Debi Prasad Sahoo

subject:Mechanical Engineering  download