1)Short term Multi Chain HydrothermalScheduling Using Modified Gravitational Search Algorithm

Authors:Saurabh Sharma, Dr. Nitin Narang 

subject:Electrical Engg.           downlaod


2)Investigation of Heat Dissipation in Petrol Engine Cylinder during Explosion Process Using Finite Element Analysis

Authors:Sampath S S, Sawan Shetty, Chithirai Pon Selvan M

Subject:Mechanical Engg      downlaod


3)Integration of Other Software Components with the Agricultural Expert Systems: A Review

Authors:Anjeev Kumar Singh, and Dr. Pawan Kr. Choudhary

subject:Comp.sc Engg.  download


4)Study and Analysis on Heat Treatment Process and Microstructure of Low Carbon Steel

Author:Sindhusuta Rout,Mr. R.R.Panda, Dr R.C.Mohanty

subject:Mechanical Engg.   download