1) IJARTES is a peered review open access bimonthly online journal which receives paper from different
branches of engineering, science, technology and management.
2) It will publish in the month of 1 to 10day
3) Do not try to send plagrisim paper.
4) If any one detects plagrisim paper then please inform.
5) Once the paper is accepted, the author cannot withdraw at any condition.
6) Author should not try to send the same article to multiple journal simultiounely.
7) IJARTES well comes Indian and foreign research persons who have strong research experience in the
field of science, engineering, technology and management to become editorial member or reviewer.
8) Editorial member and reviewer cannot claim about the ownership of the journal.
9) All the decision can be taken by editor in chief and owner of the journal.
10) IJARTES reserves the right to change, modify or drop the terms and conditions at any moment.
11) Any one can download document from IJARTES journal for personal use, do not try to use ijartes
data for commercial purpose.
12) If any one try to give wrong information about IJARTES journal to author, IJARTES will not
13) If any found misleading information about the journal, immediate contact to editor.
14) Do not belief anything rumor about ijartes journal.
15) All data are uploaded in the site are used for free public use.
16) Editorial member can give suggestion to develop the journal.
17) If anyone trying call for paper in the name of IJARTES at any mail id except the mail id given in the
website, ijartes will not responsible.
18) IJARTES do not refund the publication amount if paper once comes to online.
19) Editorial member or reviewer should publish at least 2number papers in our journal.
20) Reviewers should review maximum5 article per issue.
21) Editorial member and reviewer are given concession to publish his/her paper in our journal.

                                                                                        Last Updated: 2/7/2014